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Bugzero is a very efficient platform and easy to understand. You got a problem ? Vous can set up an appointment by visit www.bugzero.fr. you can pick a date and choose a schedule (From 9 am till 7 pm from monday to friday and from 10 am till 5 pm on saturday).

WLS29 = service start at 29 €, twice-usable.

Valid until december 31st.

only valid for the part "meeting" (https://www.bugzero.fr/depannez-moi.html)

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Maintenance, backup, security, sell & rental, installation




Based in Schiltigheim in Strasbourg's area in FRANCE, Hitcall is a call center specialized in telemarketing and customers relationships.

Standard line management
Customer service
Order taking
Service claim




MAESTRANO London, Dallas, Singapore, Dubai, Sydney

Maestrano is a service that allows you to synchronize the data of all your business applications, and makes it accessible through a single dashboard.




CAP MANAGER Montpellier, Toulouse, Bordeaux, Grenoble, La Roche sur Yon

Expert in strategic and financial followup with CEOs, CAP MANAGER is designed to meet the needs and expectations of SMBs, in business management regardless of the situation, the size or the problematics. CAP MANAGER recommends IPSUM Software